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About the Program

San Diego Active Kids was established in 2016 in San Diego by coach Davor Gazivoda. Coach Davor brings many years of experience, knowledge and passion for coaching kids.
Coach Davor got his bachelor degree in Kinesiology and Sports Management from Southern Nazarene University in 2005, where he also played soccer for four years on a full athletic scholarship. 
SD Active Kids program is a fun and challenging physical activities program designed for kids. For every kid, physical activity is essential for proper growth and development of both intellectual and motor abilities.
It is imperative to develop strong coordination and motor skills as these are the main elements that allow kids to reach their full potential when participating in sports they choose at a later stage.
The program focuses on developing a strong base in all aspects of physical development including, speed, agility, power, strength, balance and coordination. Practices and camps are held on-going throughout the year.
We offer variety of sports ( Soccer, tennis, surfing, snowboarding ) throughout the year through different clinics and camps
SDAK is excited to be part of Enrichment Programs at: Francis Parker School, La Jolla Country Day School, The Childrens School, Maria Montessori School along with the Jewish Community Center in San Diego
For more information about the program, please visit Programs page.


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